A world of experiences awaits you on our Remarkably Arabian waves

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Sharm El Sheikh

Your renewed appointment among the pristine beaches and reserves in the heart of the turquoise Sinai desert, where the Arabian atmosphere, oriental arts, and the joy of barbecue with the sounds of the night.


The cradle of civilizations and the sounds of religions. It is an integrated world that embraces the Red Sea and tells tales of development and prosperity through the ages.


Mermaid of the sea and city of warmth. It welcomes you with love among its old buildings, lively streets and diverse cultures. Recognized by UNESCO, it's a tour that captivates you between its ancient past and its rich present.

Blossom Spa

Indulgence and exceptional services

Enjoy the comfort and purity of beauty at Blossom Spa, where the finest unique beauty products and global competencies we have dedicated to your comfort.

Khuzama Experience

A unique atmosphere to create your memories

Enjoy luxury in the Khuzama VIP area, to find an outlet that creates the most beautiful memories with authentic Arabian features.

Culinary Experience

An exceptional experience that inspires your senses

A world of authentic flavors awaits you, where authentic flavors intermingle with international quality and Arabian features.

AROYA Theatre

Our live shows await you for a pleasure that waves your imagination

Enjoy a range of our live shows that have been scheduled periodically, to provide you with a variety of fun opportunities to suit different tastes.

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