Al Aqaba

The city of Aqaba, the Jordanian Pearl, is located in the far south of Jordan, where the coast of the Red Sea touches its winds. It is about 330 km from Amman, the capital of Jordan. It’s characterized by its strategic and geographical location as well as historical heritage.

Charming Landmarks

  • Unique Resorts by the Red Sea
  • Al Aqaba Fortress
  • Aqaba Bird Observatory

Important tips when visiting Al-Aqaba

Inquire about diving trip packages and promotions to get the best value.

In taxi rides, ensure to only pay the amount appearing on the taximeter and not the requested amount.

Dress modestly when visiting historical and religious sites.


Al Aqaba has a subtropical climate where the weather is mostly hot throughout the year. In Summer, the temperature usually ranges from 30 – 40 °C, whereas in winter its typically around 20 - 25°C, making spring and Winter the ideal time to visit.

Activities and Entertainment

Al Aqaba offers its visitors a unique journey through its beautiful shores, rich sea life, and historical landmarks. If you were looking for a magnificent tropical destination in the Red Sea, Al Aqaba is a great choice, especially for divers and coral reef enthusiasts, as well as a variety of water sport adventures such as surfing and speedboat rides. Additionally, you can enjoy immersive tours to the desert and experience the Bedouin life and the natural scenery.

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