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Welcome to Cruise101, your ultimate guide for unique sea cruises.

Cruise101 provides essential tips and information, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. Join us to discover all you need to know about sea cruises and prepare for an adventure with AROYA Cruises.

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What is a Cruise?

Welcome to AROYA Cruises, where we offer you a new concept of vacation that meets your needs and satisfies your tastes in one place, making your vacation a collection of diverse experiences that cater to all age groups.

A cruise is a floating resort that includes entertainment areas and various restaurants onboard a giant ship that accommodates a large number of guests. It sails to different destinations, offering a range of exciting experiences and unforgettable memories. As it includes:

  • Entertainment Areas: Karaoke Rooms, Legends Sport Lounge, and Glitch VR
  • Various Restaurants: Al Waha, Irth, Layalina, and Bamboo
  • Immersive Experiences: Water activities, The Atrium, and Bridge Simulation Experience
  • Age Friendly Facilities: Sailor’s Shore, AROYA Theatre, Blossom Spa, and the Arcade

Embark on an epic journey with AROYA Cruises, where your dream vacation awaits! Join the fun-filled voyage packed with premium experiences, excitement, and memories that'll make you feel forever young.

Why Cruise?

Don't settle for the usual – embrace the extraordinary! A cruise is your ticket to non-stop thrills, catering to your unique tastes and promising a blend of contentment and endless excitement.

  • The cruise offers different packages catered to your needs and preferences.
  • Multiple departing points at easily accessible ports for your convenience.
  • You’ll find a wide range of experiences and activities making it more than just a typical vacation.
  • A great choice for all age groups regardless of their vacation timings and goals.
  • A perfect getaway for the whole family, group of friends, couples, and individuals.
  • Enjoy a premium stay as you visit different cities without the need to pack and unpack.
  • Explore each city’s prominent landmarks and attractions with the guidance of local experts.
  • Experience a balanced mix of adventure and relaxation through different activities.
  • The cruise is one step away from an incredible journey.
  • It provides you with a worry-free vacation.
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Useful information from Aroya

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How to Plan for Your Upcoming Cruise?

Get ready for a wonderful adventure as you chart your course through fascinating destinations! If it's your first voyage, embrace the art of playful planning for an unforgettable experience that fulfills all your desires.

Early-Bird Booking: Book your cruise early-on, to give you the chance to customize your preferences, and guarantees you a spot in all your favorite destinations and activities.

Decide On the Duration: Starting from 3 nights to longer escapes, tailor your trip with AROYA's diverse packages. It is crucial to know your preferences of cabin options, departure and arrival, destinations, itineraries, and activity details and dates.

After deciding on your journey’s duration and preferences, you can select your itinerary from AROYA’s wide range of options.

Pick Your Destination: Select your ideal destinations according to your desired activities and weather preferences, as well as combining multiple itineraries.

Pick Your Itinerary: Dive into AROYA Cruises' captivating itineraries, weaving a spectacular experiences.

Choose Your Departure Port: After choosing your preferred destinations, you can decide which port you will depart from depending on proximity, and visa terms.

Select Your Cabin: AROYA Cruises offer an exquisite range of cabins and suites, designed for your ultimate comfort. Explore AROYA's special guide to cabins and suites.

Book Your Trips: Plan every detail of your journey, whether you need to book flights, train trips, or car rides, while making sure you arrive to the port on time.

Book Your Excursions: Other than AROYA’s curated experiences, you can plan and book all activities you want to try at your preferred destinations such as shore excursions, shopping, restaurants, sport activities, and cultural activities.

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What to Bring?

Get ready for a premium experience and excitement on your grand cruise adventure! Pack once for the remarkable floating resort experience. Your needs may vary, but these essentials will elevate your journey:

Formal and Party-Worthy Outfits: Glam up for the ship’s nightlife with dazzling outfits – make a statement!

Comfy Resort Wear: Be stylish and comfy for leisure activities – effortlessly stunning wherever you go.

Splash-Ready Swimwear: Dive into a pool of fun with your favorite swimwear.

Footwear Options: Balance comfort and glam as you pack formal, walking-friendly, and beach footwear.

Accessorize with Class: Elevate your look with summer hats, trendy sunglasse, summer scarfs to look elegant while protecting yourself from the sun.

Personal Care with Style: Bring your favorite personal care tools and sunscreens.

Health Essentials: Pack your necessary medications and vitamins.

Tech Magic: Stay connected with portable chargers, smart device covers, and power strips.

Organized Documents: Gather all your travel essentials – passports, visas, and cruise tickets in one secure place and let the adventure begin

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10 Important Tips

1. Early Booking Provides You with Different Choices
To enjoy a journey with various options, book your trip early. This will allow you to secure your desired choices and reserve spots at your preferred activities, as well as the ability to re-adjust the services and amenities you need.

2. Smart and Essential Packing
There are many smart ways to pack your luggage in a way that saves time and effort, to provide you with a comfortable trip. Create a list of the essential items you need to pack without a hassle.

3. Print Your Electronic Tickets
Printing your tickets allows you to enjoy a seamless journey.

4. Arrive to the Departing Port at the Right Time
Arrive at the port at the perfect time for a stress-free departure! Avoid any delays and ensure a smooth start to your AROYA Cruises adventure.

Plan to arrive a night before sailing if you live far from the port or arrive to the port hours before departure to prevent being stuck in traffic and other emergencies.

Departure timings are accurate and punctual, make sure to be there! In case you were late you will need to inquire about the logistics of joining through the cruise’s next stop (if available) noting that transportation and logistics costs will be additional.

5. Pick Your Cabin Carefully
Your cabin is your sanctuary, so choose one that fits your style and preferences. From cozy interiors to breathtaking balcony views, AROYA offers a range of options to elevate your experience.

Usually, cabins are divided into four different categories

  • Inside Cabins
  • Seaview Cabins
  • Cabins with Balcony
  • Khuzama Suites and Villas

Where Khuzama suites and villas offer all means of comfort such as priority of boarding and disembarkation, concierge services, and access to VIP areas and lounges.

Tip: if you tend to experience seasickness, you can request an elegant cabin in the middle of the ship on lower decks where it is more stable.

6. Add Extra Fun on Board
Unforgettable moments come with extra fun! Take into consideration other on-board activities that require additional fees such as shore excursions, specialty drinks, exclusive dining, spa services, and more.

7. Secure Your Travel Insurance
Prioritize peace of mind with cruise-specific travel insurance.

8. Prepare Documents in Advance
It is essential to prepare all necessary documents prior to your cruise:

  • Ensure your passports are valid for minimum six months.
  • Know entry rules and visa needs for each country.
  • Carry a visa that is validated for the whole duration of your journey.
  • Check your travel insurance policy and health necessities.
  • Make sure minors have travel authorization letters.

9. Pre-book for Exclusive Experiences
Ensure your extraordinary experience matches your dreams! Pre-book spots at beach destinations, reserve tables at top restaurants, and plan exceptional experiences in advance. No disappointments, just pure delight!

10. Enjoy!
Embark on a sail beyond the ordinary with AROYA Cruises.

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8 Fun Activities on Our Thrilling Cruise Ship

Get ready for a blast of excitement and a ton of adventures aboard the awesome AROYA Cruises!

Our first Arabian cruise line has a bunch of activities that everyone, from kids to adults, will totally love. Whether you're into chilling, grooving to music, catching live shows, or looking for family-friendly fun, our ship has got you covered.

1. Relax at AROYA lounge by Zen pool
Kick-back in ultimate comfort, soak up the sun, and watch those waves sparkle in the sky. It's the perfect spot for pure relaxation.

2. Shopping Spree and Fashion Frenzy
Shop till you drop at our unique mix of local and international boutiques. Discover the latest styles and turn your cruise into a shopping therapy dream.

3. Fascinating Shows
Get ready to enjoy vibrant live performances and stunning fine arts. Every evening is a fantasy world with magical musicals and tunes that'll blow your mind.
You will also find a variety of activities for your kids to enjoy with supervision such as water parks and themed parties, to guarantee a fun time for the whole duration of the trip.

4. Wellness and Relaxation
Take a break for your well-being with AROYA Cruises gym and spa treatments at Blossom Spa, giving you tons of chances to kick-back and revitalize your body and soul.

5. Live Music Experiences
Dive into the awesome tunes echoing through AROYA Cruises. Let talented musicians and performers from all over the world groove your senses with their rhythms.

6. Culinary Paradise
Embark on a dining journey like no other, with a wide range of cuisines that'll satisfy your taste buds. From authentic flavors to fancy delicacies, each restaurant offers a unique experience that'll be a cruise highlight.

7. Pampering Sessions
For beauty lovers and scent enthusiasts, AROYA Cruises promises a top-notch experience. Pamper yourself with beauty salons and dedicated cosmetic clinics that cater to your every expectation, creating lasting memories.

8. The Amazing Sailors’ Hangout
Let your little ones have a blast with supervised activities, water parks, and special events designed to keep them entertained and enchanted throughout the entire journey. In the Amazing Sailors’ Zone, we make sure even our youngest guests have a blast with different zones tailored to their age groups. Let the fun begin!

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