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Located in the northeast of Oman, Khasab is a coastal city known for its beautiful landscapes and history. Also known as the "Capital of Musandam Governorate", Khasab embraces mountains, sea, farms, and coastline views, making it a wonderful tourist attraction

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Charming Landmarks

  • Dolphin Safari
  • Khasab Castle
  • Khasab Market
  • Jabal Al-Harim
Khasab 2

Important tips when visiting Khasab

Some hotels offer transportation services, as it is not easy to find taxis in the city.

Dress modestly when visiting the nearby villages.

Planning for a local Omani culinary experience is a must!


Khasab has a tropical desert climate, extremely hot during the summer, and mild and pleasant in winter. The average summer temperature is around 30 to 40 °C, while the average temperature ranges between 20 and 30 °C in winter. The ideal time to visit the Omani city of Khasab and enjoy its pleasant weather is in the winter and autumn seasons, to explore the picturesque landscapes.

Activities and Entertainment

Khasab Oman is one of the best tourist destinations, offering many fun recreational activities. It is famous for cruises that allow you to see a variety of friendly dolphins that approach the boat to welcome you. In addition to discovering the beautiful mountain beaches and famous straits that you will enjoy visiting through captivating sailboats and exciting kayaks to discover their charm. Try traditional ships, "Dhow" to explore the neighboring coasts, camp on its pristine beaches, and enjoy watching turtles, the main attraction on the beach, diving into the depths of its seas or unique fishing trips. For history lovers, the archaeological sites will be enjoyed among their markets and historical places.

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