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Located on the eastern coast of Croatia's Adriatic Sea, Split is a charming coastal city where nature combines with the depth of history and culture. It is one of the most vibrant cities in the region. Split elegantly embraces memories of the past, giving it a privileged position as a unique and multifaceted travel destination.

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Charming Landmarks

  • Old City
  • Split Corniche
  • Abbotis Monastery
  • Diocletian District
  • Split Port
  • Pharos District
  • Dupre District
  • Lukak District
  • Manus District
Split photo 02

Important tips when visiting Split

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Split has a mild and enjoyable climate throughout the year, with summer temperatures being mild and slightly lower in winter. The pleasant weather makes Split an ideal destination to enjoy outdoor activities and explore the details of this wonderful city, where year-round temperatures average between 10 and 22°C.

Activities and Entertainment

Split offers a variety of activities and entertainment, where visitors enjoy exploring its beaches and swimming in its turquoise sea waters, you can immerse yourself in the Croatian culinary traditions, learn about the traditional dishes of the Dalmatian region, you also can experience the gelato found in every corner of the city of Split with a variety of flavors that have no limits, for those interested in history, arts and civilizations Split art museums and galleries will be an ideal destination to enjoy local culture and history, in addition to various sea tours to explore neighboring islands and landscapes picturesque.

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